Friday, November 14, 2008

Accessible LMS

I showed up to the panel a bit late. But, was glad to hear that the session started a bit late. I'm glad to hear that the vendors are coming around and embracing accessibility at the design phase. It was impressing to see that they significantly retooled their systems. However, the cynic in me thinks this had more to do with the changing web landscape. It was either evolve or become irrelevant. Harsh, but there you have it.

A changing landscape...

More and more I see that online education is leaving the "classical" LMS. Online learning is moving to iTunesU, and YouTube,, and other such services. How does the accessibility community deal with this? Are these concerns? How much should this be on or radar? How much of this should the vendors try to integrate?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wireless Connection at the conference

If you are trying to connect to an AP:

All the room wireless connections passwords are Mill1, Mill2, Mill3, Mill4... depending on where you are connecting.

Ajax and Accessibility

It looks as though at this point in the world of Ajax we don't really have great solutions for "accessible Ajax". Dennis had a good presentation showing some things we can do now on the accessible Ajax front. But at this point, as they say: " some problems don't have solutions, they can only be managed".

During the Q&A. Someone in the audience brought up WCAG 1 vs WCAG 2 in relation to separation of behaviour/content/presentation. Particularly at issue was perhaps WCAG 2 seems to be making allowances for blurring the lines.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Welcome to the Accessing Higher Ground Blog and Forum

Dear 2008 Accessing Higher Ground Participants,

First of all, we look forward to seeing all of you in a few days, starting on Tuesday for those of you attending the first day of the preconference. We would also like to welcome you all to beautiful Boulder, CO, or as it's also referred to, the Republic of Boulder. If you would like to check out the weather for the coming week, visit the Boulder Daily Camera site. Note: snow is forecast for Monday.

We have set up this blog and forum as a means to post updates, receive your feedback and to better allow participants to network and exchange information. So consider this your resource to not only see the latest announcements from conference organizers, but to plan informal meetings among yourselves, plan dinner gatherings, etc. Please also feel free to use this forum to give us your feedback and comments. We just ask that you follow the usual bounds of decorum.

If anyone would like to send me a message privately, my email is

Also, if you would like me to post your comment so that it is visible as a blog post, mention that in your comment.

Again, I look forward to meeting you all and talking to many of you in the next week. Have a wonderful conference.

Howard Kramer
AHG Conference Coordinator